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Carbon Materials for Today and Future

Turkish-Japanese Joint Carbon Symposium
March 18 - 19, 2010  İstanbul Technical University


Carbons have always been the friendliest of materials. Over several millennia they have generously supported the activities of humankind. The importance of carbon materials increases day by day owing to their increased number of applications including the aerospace, automotive, rubber, steel, construction, chemical, aluminum and many other industries. The symposium will cover the state of the art in carbon science and technology and will provide an outlook for the future. The symposium includes lectures on subjects related to industrial applications of carbon, adsorption properties of porous carbons, batteries (Li ion) and capacitors, carbon fiber and composites, use of carbons for environment (activated carbons) and energy, graphene, carbon electrodes and carbon foams that may interest a large audience.

The advancement in carbon science and technology may be considered as a measure of the general development status of a country. Japan is one of the leading countries in carbon science and technology. This symposium will bring Japanese and Turkish scientists, researchers and students from various institutions together and will provide a platform for exchanging ideas and making discussions over joint projects.  It will also help to improve the academic, cultural and industrial relations between the two countries.